How to split large files into smaller chunks

Free File Splitter splits large files into smaller chunks and then rejoins themIn this article we will show you how you can split large files into smaller chunks and then rejoin them using a free utility called Free File Splitter. Free File Splitter is a freeware program that lets you split and join large files. You might want to split and rejoin large files due to many reasons, sometimes you just want to fit them on a CD or DVD or sometimes you just want to transfer them through the internet using FTP or other format in smaller chunks so that if your connection dies, you don't have to re transmit the whole big file, you just transmit the last chunk. 

Our demonstration will use a large 1.4 Gigabytes file that we want to transfer to another PC using  CD Roms, since CD Roms have a maximum capacity of 700 MB, we will split our large file into 650 MB chunks. Another plus of using the Free File Splitter program is that it does not need any installation on the hard drive, you simply have one .exe file that you can transfer with your CD or DVD media to the destination computer. Ok, so lets get started !

Free File Splitter splits large files into smaller chunks and then rejoins them


- Download Free File Splitter from link is at the very bottom


Open the Free File Splitter Program

Step 2:

- Start the program by double clicking the .exe file you downloaded, there is no installation needed to the hard drive


Enter source file, destination folder and chunk size information

Step 3:

- Enter the required information such as your source file, the destination output folder as well as the file size. You can choose from a custom file size or predefined ones such as DVD (4.5 GB) or CD (700 MB).


File Split size set to 650 MB and start the splitting process

Step 4:

- We choose to split a 1.4 GB file into chunks of 650 MB files. The splitting process starts when you click "Split" and a progress bar shows at the bottom.


File Splitting is complete

Step 5:

-  The splitting process is done. In the target directories there are now files called OriginalFilename.chunk001 002 and 003. You can now transfer these to another machine on a cd