How to turn on file extensions and hidden files viewing in Windows 7

A lot of folks are either making or going to make the transition from their current Windows operating system to the newly released Windows 7. Windows 7 is available already for download to Microsoft Partners and Technet users. There are a lot of end users who are jumping direct from Windows XP to Windows 7. If you are browsing Windows 7 using Windows Explorer to look at your files and folders, you might find that as usual by default the "file extensions of known file types" are turned off and "hidden files" are not visible either. Our quick tip today shows how to enable these in 4 easy clicks.


- Click on Start then click on Computer in the start menu


Step 2:

- When Windows Explorer comes up, click on Organize on top left then click on Folder and Search Options


Step 3:

- Click on the View Tab


Step 4:

- Make sure the "Show Hidden Files" option is selected and "Hide extensions of known file types" is not selected, click Apply and then ok


That's it, now you should be able to see file extensions on all file types and also be able to see hidden files.