How to upgrade disk firmware on a NetApp Filer

The following procedure describes how to upgrade the disk firmware on a NetApp Filer running Data OnTap version 7.2

 The first step before upgrading the firmware is to check if the correct disk qualification packages are present on the filer. This determined by checking the datecode on the qual_devices_v3 file. Do the following to check the datecode

-Log on to Filer Console using Putty

-Give the following command: “rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3”

The command would have outputted a lot of information, what we are interested in is the header, you might have to enable buffer logging in Putty to look at the buffer output or scroll back in Putty. We are looking for the datecode output in the header which looks like:

# This file is auto generated by the script file.
# Copyright (c) 2000 Network Appliance, Inc.
# All rights reserved. #
# Datecode: 20080807

Then we need to install the “Disk Qualification Package” else skip to section for Downloading and installing Disk Firmware

Instructions for downloading and installing the Disk Qualification Package

- Download the Disk Qualification Package as a zip file from: and copy it to a temporary location on your C: drive e.g. C:\temp\FilerDiskFirmware\DiskQualificationPackage

- Map a drive to the C$ share of Filer e.g. Q:\

- Extract the files from the zip archive to the \etc directory on the Filer, e.g. Q:\etc

- Wait 5 minutes for the system to process the newly installed Disk Qualification Packages.

Instructions for Downloading and Installing Disk Firmware

- Go to and click on the link that says “Download All Current Disk Firmware”

- On the next page, click on the “Download Zip” button and save the zip file to a temporary location on your C: drive, e.g. C:\Temp\FilerDiskFirmware\

- Extract the contents of the zip file to the /etc/disk_fw directory of the FILER e.g Q:\etc\disk_fw

- Check that the following option is enabled on the filer by giving the command:

  “options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable” it should return options

   raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable on . If its not on, turn it on

- The filer should automatically detect that there is new disk firmware and do the upgrade, no reboot is necessary.