How to use Outlook with Command Line Switches

How to launch Outlook using Command Line SwitchesOutlook as you all know is the popular email client from Microsoft. Command Line Switches provide enhanced or modified functionality to the default Outlook behavior.

By changing the behavior on how Outlook starts, you can customize it better.If you want, you can incorporate the full Outlook launch command with the switch and save it as a shortcut, or change the properties of an existing Outlook shortcut. Outlook itself is launched with Outlook.exe file which is located in the installation path of your Microsoft Office installation, for example, in Office 2010 the path to Outlook.ext is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\Outlook.exe

An example switch is /nopreview , when you launch Outlook using this Switch the preview pane or the reading Pane is turned off. The full command to launch Outlook then would be:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\Outlook.exe /nopreview.

Other Outlook Switches are as follows:

Another few great switches I have come across that really helps troubleshoot Outlook problems with Meetings and Reminders are /cleanfreebusy and /cleanreminders

You can also use certain switches to create new items such as Journal entry, task, contact etc. for example:

/c ipm.activity creates a Journal entry

/c ipm.appointment creates an appointment

A complete and exhaustive list of Command Line Switches for Outlook can be found at the Microsoft Site Here

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