How to use WordPad to browse the web

Have you ever happen on a Windows machine where you do not have access to the web browser? Sometimes you do have access to the web browser but something is wrong with the browser, it perhaps keeps crashing on you and you do not have an alternate browser like FireFox available to you? In these circumstances, if you are not an administrator on the machine, the chances to fix the existing browser or make one available right away are slim. In this step by step article we would show you how to use the WordPad application (which is included with the default installation of Windows) 

Most folks do not know that Internet Explorer is not the only browser that is bundled with a default installation of Windows. There is a down level browser included with most natively packed Windows application to provide context sensitive help using the World Wide Web.

Lets Get started!

 The web browser that you get might not be as full featured as Internet Explorer or FireFox but it would get you through to your web sites. Navigation is not that intuitive either as some of the icons you are most familiar with on your web browsers might not be there, but I am sure you would figure that out. 

- The Help Screen will come up


- Click on the Question Mark looking icon on the top left hand side of the screen, this will bring up another menu, on this menu click on "Jump to URL"


- On the "Jump to URL" box, enter in the web address of a web page that you want to go to, please make sure you provide http:// in front of the web address as shown


- As soon as you hit enter.. TaDa! You are looking at your desired web page.

This is a great tip when you are on a restricted machine or don't have a properly working web browser! Do try it and have fun! Let us know your comments by pressing on the comment link below!