Hulu launches Hulu Desktop software

Popular online TV, Movies and Video streaming provider Hulu announced yesterday that it is launching its new Hulu Desktop service for both PC and Mac platforms. You will no longer be dependent on your web browser to view content from Hulu. If you are traveling outside of US and want to still view content from Hulu, you can follow a step by step article we provided earlier by visiting

The Desktop software turns your computer into a more like a Home Theater PC type of environment. It gives you the ability to recommend shows and movies to others along with custom widgets that you can place on the desktop. You can also use the Windows Media Center remote control or Apple's remote to change channels and skip forward, backward, navigate and record programs sitting a distance from your PC. Another great feature is that you no longer need to log on to Hulu before you start viewing content, you can start to watch it as soon as you launch your Hulu Desktop software.

Logging on to Hulu from your desktop software does have its advantages, such as you can save your preferences. The Hulu Desktop can easily be minimized and running in the background with a small footprint, not being too resource intensive. The biggest limitation that users find is that Hulu by default does not offer its content to users located outside of the USA, but there is a work around that, we have put together a step by step article on how to do that here. Hulu Desktop is really a step in the right direction, you should try out the new Hulu Desktop software by downloading it from Hulu Labs, it is available as a direct download at