Indian Prime Minister's computer infected with a virus for three months

In the world of computers every one is prone to viruses, however the Indian Prime Minister's machine was infected with a virus for three months and no one knew about it. When his emails started going missing from Microsoft Outlook Express, they grew suspicious and investigations revealed the virus.

Apparently the flaw was blamed on Microsoft Outlook Express, which was vulnerable to the virus and due to which the Indian Prime Minister had missed important emails from a high ranking Air Force official (Air Commodore Lokesh Batra). This incident resulted in the Prime Minister's office dumping Outlook Express as an email client and adoption the Open source PHP based Squirrel Mail as its email client.
This story was originally reported in one of India's top Newspaper dailies; you can read the details at


Security Engineer Is a Promising Career

According to a research conducted by Pandasecurity, 10 millions computers around the world including 3 millions in US were infected with malware, now Indian Prime Minister is another victim. I bet Indian security engineers are very busy now.

Yes, but the Prime

Yes, but the Prime Minister's computer being infected for 3 months and not being detected is big thing, you would think that the IT folks at the top administrator of the country be more diligent than that