iPhone Troubleshooting: iPhone Safari web browser will not play mp4 videos

I just wanted to mention a quick tip for users using iPhone 3G or 3Gs. Sometimes when you are browsing the web and come across a link for a video that is in mp4 format, instead of playing the video, Safari displays the web page as gibberish. This typically happens if the Quicktime plugin for Safari is not enabled. This can be fixed very easily, simply go to the settings icon on your iPhone, then click on the Safari icon and then make sure the "plug ins" button is set to ON. Now revist the link with the mp4 video and you should be able to watch it in Safari !



I wanna bitch slap myself for this. Thanks bro.

i freakin love you :D

i freakin love you :D

LOL, I am hoping because this

LOL, I am hoping because this article actually helped you ? If so, you are welcome!


Thanks for posting :) Solved my problem

You are very welcome, glad to

You are very welcome, glad to be of help!