Make free phone calls around the world from your phone

Does this sound too good to be true? It is true; you can make free phone calls around the world, absolutely free from your telephone. You do not need a speaker, microphone attached to your computer, there are no downloads, no signup fees, no minimum ratios etc. You do not have to listen to any advertising; you do not have to plug in any special devices or adapters, just your regular phone
PokeTalk is a web service that allows you to make domestic and international calls from its website, you put in your phone number, the destination number and your phone is connected to the destination. The service works by showing you unobtrusive advertisements on their website. All domestic and international calls within North America are also absolutely free. Watch how this works on a BBC show at

You can visit PokeTalk's website for more information at:

PokeTALK Update

Hi Koder, I have an update on some PokeTALK services and low rates and also free codes for you and your readers to use - please email me so we can connect: Thanks! Dorine Sinigaglia Blonde 2.0