Microsoft extends support for Windows XP downgrades for ten more years

Microsoft extends support for Windows XP for another ten yearsIn a surprise announcement, Microsoft announced that it is extending "downgrade rights" for Windows XP til the year 2020. This shows that Windows XP still remains the power house powering the corporate workstations. According to Microsoft, this rock solid operating system still constitutes 75% of the workstations in the industry. By extending downgrading rights, Microsoft is allowing consumers who buy new machines with OEM licenses of Windows Vista or Windows Seven,  to install Windows XP instead, without purchasing a separate license for Windows XP.

With a massive failure of Windows Vista, downgrading had become a common phenomena, however with the introduction of Windows Seven, it seemed that Microsoft would push and promote Seven and not allow downgrading, that's the reason, Microsoft had only allowed this privilege to users only til April 2010 originally. Coincidentally, Microsoft also retired Windows 2000 today and stopped support for Windows XP running Service Pack 2.

According to Microsoft, the decision was based on consumer demand, it makes end users with lower end hardware to use Windows XP to their advantage, since it has a much smaller footprint and takes less resources by itself. Any computer that has Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate will be allowed to downgrade to its similar versions of XP or Vista. I personally think this is a good step, giving consumers more of a choice is always a good thing for a giant like Microsoft! Keep it up!