Microsoft finally allows POP3 support for Hotmail

According to Ars Technica - A leading Technology website, Microsoft is finally allowing POP3 support for its web based email service Hotmail. This would allow users to connect to Hotmail from their desktop based email clients such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mozilla etc to connect and download mail directly from Hotmail.

Apparently, to start with this feature has been allowed only for 9 countries so far, which include UK, Canada, USA, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Italy and Holland. A worldwide release of this feature is expected to come later this year.

This will definitely provide Hotmail users with a lot of relief as they can now download and archive their email to their desktop as well as keep their Hotmail mailbox under the required quota by deleting the downloaded email. Gmail users on other hand get a blessing in disguise as they would now be able to download any email from their Hotmail accounts to their Gmail accounts!

An article detailing how to configure your mail clients and software to POP to Hotmail can be found at Ars Technica