Microsoft launches the fix it button automated solutions

Microsoft has just launched whats called the "Fix it button" on its support web site also known as the Microsoft Knowledge base located at . The Microsoft Fix it solution website itself can be found at

On selected Knowledge base articles too where it describes some common PC problems with windows, when you click on the Fix It button, it would download a small piece of code which when executed performs a series of steps to cure the problem.

Microsoft has only about 150 or Fixit Automated solutions listed so far, the list is growing though. One of the reasons there are'nt those many Fixit automated solutions yet is because every PC is different with a lot of other software than MicroSoft's causing problems and effecting a PCs performance. However, for those Non-Techies who want to get things done quicker, simpler and easier, this is a welcome change from Microsoft.

For people who are involved in PC / Windows troubleshooting business, this can come in handy as well. Techies can subscribe to Microsoft's "Fix it for me" RSS feed to look at every automated fix it solution that comes out from Microsoft. The RSS feed is located in their Technet blog at