Microsoft puts out record number of updates in one day

If you are a Windows user, you must already be aware of "Patch Tuesday". Thats right, its the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases cumulative updates for different products including operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Servers OSes) and software products such as Internet Explorer and other stand alone software. Well, today Microsoft has released a record 31 updates for different products ranging from the operating system, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office based products

Corporate customers are usually setup with WSUS updates already and have much less of a worry/ For personal and home systems, these updates as always are available from Microsoft from their Windows Update site, which also provides updates for the Office family of products.

If your machine is set to go and check for updates automatically, thats great, make sure you install them, else make it a point to go to the Windows update site and install the updates. With so many vulnerabilities being exposed, hackers are quick to take advantage of them and they specifically look to target unpatched machines as soon as the vulnerabilities are discovered or exposed because of Microsoft's patch releases. Hence its prudent to go ahead and patch your systems, even if it takes waiting for 31 of those patches to install in one given day, its worth it!