New features in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 was released today. You can get a copy from Microsoft's website, the complete download is about 16MB initially, you can get it from

IE 8 promises to be faster, it compares its website load times for the top 25 websites in the world with other popular browsers such as FireFox, Safari and Chrome, and apparently the tests show it beats the others in 12 out of 25 sites, for the others the difference is considerably slower.
The new features boasted by Internet Explorer 8 are as follows:

- Compatibilty view: Click on the compatibilty view icon in IE 8's toolbar and you can view pages not designed for IE8 perfectly ok, it shows as a compatibilty view with older browsers

- Embeded Accelerators: Currently if you wanted to a Map an address or translate a word from a webpage, you would have to open a seperate window or tab, copy paste the text into another submit box and get your results. With Internet Explorer 8, the accelerator feature presents you with a right click menu features which lets you highlight text on any website and automatically Map it, translate it, post it to your blog, email it with Live Mail and even let you post it to your blog. Third party developers are developing more plugins, and you have the option to trim or expand you Accelerators right click menu to add or delete more features and vendors (such as highlight a text and search Wiki for it, posting content to FaceBook, search Ebay)

- SmartScreen Filter: IE 8 has a filter such that if you come across a Phisihing site or one with malacious code, its Cross Site Scripting (XSS), feature automatically detects and alerts you about a phishing website or malacious code and lets you take evasive action.

- Data Execution Detection: This feature prevents code to be executed and written from malware and viruses to safegaurd you

You can get more information about IE's detailed new features from