Oracle releases new version of its virtulization software Virtual Box

Oracle releases new version of its Virtualization software called VirtualBoxMany of you already might be knowing about various Virtualization Platforms that exist today, of which Oracle's offering is called VirtualBox. VirtualBox is the free virtualization software introduced by Sun Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. The latest version (4.1.2) was released by Oracle Corporation as an upgrade to the earlier 4.1.0 version which was released in July 2011. The big attraction of this release is the Virtual Machines Cloning support via VirtualBox Manager, now you have the ability cloning operations on your existing VMs using the GUI provided by VirtualBox. Users who already have version 4.1.0 installed can do a simple "upgrade install" over top without the need or uninstalling and reinstalling VirtualBox.

The version also adds support for 64 bit guest operating systems for AMD Fusion CPUs. There are a lot of other improvements in this version of VirtualBox fixing a lot of bugs including problems with USB device recognition.

A complete change-log detailing all the changes in the new version can be found on Oracle's VirtualBox website here: