Portable applications for your PC

PortableApps.com offers a suite of free applications that you can simply carry with you anywhere you go on a USB stick. There are a lot of nice things about these Portable Applications:

1. They are all free, no hastles with licensing etc.

2, They keep you productive and you would never miss a "familiar" application to accomplish your task

3. Everything is run from your USB Flash drive, no data is ever written to the computer's hard drive

4. No installation is needed for the applications, so no hastles with admin rights etc

5. All applications are Open Platform, so you can run them from any hardware such as your Flash Drive, IPOD, even your camera's SD card

There is a lot of goodness, you can check these out at http://portableapps.com/



Other Alternate Freeware portable applications

Thanks for the good info. I just wanted to add to this by adding this link shows tons of other applications that you can put on to the portable USB stick: