Run applications with administrative credentials being a non privileged user

Every once in a while you come across a nasty application which is required in the line of business work, but it would not run without the user being an administrator. There could be various reasons why such an application might demand to be run with administrative privileges, for example, an old DOS based application not being compatible with the installed operating system or simply the fact that it might be writing to folder and registry locations on the workstation or the network, where the user simply does not have access permissions to.

  In this article we will show you step by step on how to run an application with an alternate set of credentials with a freeware application called "Run As GUI" , this is a much better of way of doing it than simply choosing "run as" from the Windows right click context menu because you can create shortcuts to launch the application with cached encrypted credentials or have it prompt the user with logon credentials. We are going to demonstrate how to run an application with administrator credentials, but with this application you can run the application with any alternate set of credentials. So lets get started !

- Download "Run As GUI" application from

- Extract all the files to a temporary directory (eg; C:\runasguiinstallfiles)

- On an administrators workstation, install the Admin Module, this module would later help you create an encrypted RAG file which you can supply to a client's workstation who is not an admin and can still run the desired application.

- Double click the installable .exe file in the C:\runasguiinstallfiles and start the install by clicking on Next


- Choose default values on the next screen for program directory and click next


- Choose next to proceed with the install and finish the administrative machine install


- Double click the icon on the desktop and start the wizard. Provide the name and path of the exe file you want users to run with different credentials (C:\VMware-converter-4.0.0-146302.exe)


- Provide executable target and working directory. The executable target file should also be placed on the end users workstation in the same location as you specify here, alternative you can also choose to have the program executable on a network drive. Also, note that on the users machine the working directory must have change permission allowed for the user. In our scenario we are using C:\Temp which has been granted change permissions to the user already


- Provide Network or local path to RunAsGui application


- Provide the information as what credentials should be used, in our case we are using the local machine user account but you have the option of choosing a domain account as well


- Create the shortcut, specify its storage location and you can also choose what icon you want to use.


- Finally press Finish to end the install. Make a note of the exact path where the .rag file is located. You would need to create this exact path on the end users machine and place this rag file in there by copying it there.

- On the client machine, place the executable on the local machine where specified in the previous step along with the shortcut, also copy the .rag file generated with encrypted credentials (located at C:\Program Files\Smart-X\RunAsGUI\vmware-converter-4.0.0-146302_administrator.rag) to a network location or thumb drive, so that on a client machine you can copy it back to the same location

- Install the client on the client's machine by running RunAsGUI1300.Setup.Client.msi (a copy of this should be available to you from the location you extracted files on the administrative machine C:\runasguiinstallfiles )and choose all defaults, choose to install the application for anyone who uses this computer, note that the install does not create any Start Menu or Desktop icons

- Copy the .rag file saved earlier to the C:\Program Files\Smart-X\RunAsGUI\ location (as mentioned earlier)

- Run the shortcut to the application from C:\Temp directory, the exe application should now launch under the context of the user you earlier chose to


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Runasspc, alternative application which does the same!!!

Very useful. However almost three weeks back I came across, who has a much simpler divided into two, one for executing the applications which require administrative privileges and an administration console where you can create simple crypt files. Please have a look at this following link. IT is not free for commerical use I believe. The download is just around 400KBs. Trust me, these small utilities have made our lives much simpler from the moment we found them :) I have a complete write up explaining how to create a crypt file and change the shortcuts of applications etc. Let me know whether you want me to forward it to you.

Seems like a related

Seems like a related application, I visited the site, maybe I would do a review in one of my future articles here. Are you involved with the robotronic company in any ways ?

Regarding the write up, you are more than welcome to post a review here at, you will have to register though. If you want to contact me, simply use the cotact us link on the site. Thanks !