Samsung and Texas Instruments Launch First Cellphones with projectors

Samsung and Texas Instruments today announced the first mobile phones with embedded projection units based on Nano Chip Technology

The phones are currently going to be available only in Korea and Europe.  According to them, it would truly provide a "big picture" viewing experience with projection images uptop 50 inches in size. A photo of the phone along with the projection lens can be seen here

Texas Instruments adds that "Samsung projector phones can project content with flexible image sizes much larger than traditional phone screens. Images in excess of 50-inches are possible depending on ambient light conditions. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, the Samsung phones provide the complete mobile office and entertainment solution"

"The Samsung projector phones will be available in February in Korea (model name: W7900) and soon be available in the European market (model name: I7410) as well. The full-featured smartphones include the following:"

    --  Multiple applications that can be enhanced by the projection feature:
        Sharing Powerpoint Slides, Viewing Email Attachments, Viewing pictures,
        Watching videos, and even using the projection feature as a Flashlight
    --  DLP Pico(TM) chipset technology
    --  5.0-megapixel camera
    --  High-resolution color OLED touchscreen
    --  Intuitive flick navigation to view presentations and photo slideshows
    --  Ultra-contemporary sleek and lightweight design
    --  Built-in audio speakers

You can see the complete news release at