Scan documents without a scanner

Too good to be true ? Yes you for sure can scan documents without a scanner, you can scan them to PDF, JPF or Tiff formats! A software called Snapter ICE would let you do this.

You can take pictures of the document using your digital camera or even your cellphone, then use Snapter to convert them to PDFs or JPGs or TIFF, the quality is amazing. It has a lot of built in algorithims that produce this intelligent, quality documets with a single click. If for example you took a picture of an open book, it would do an amazing job eliminating the middle binding of the book and scanning two individual pages as PDF. The software is available for free at

You can use the free trial version for 14 days in a pinch, it does not expire after 14 days but gives a watermark on pages, you can get rid of this by purchasing the lite version for only $20.