Security flaw in bittorrent technology leaves users vulnerable

PirateBay - Bittorrent flaw leaves users vulnerable for detectionIn a previous article we had discussed how Pirate Bay's iPreadtor service had offered a secure VPN service that allowed users to hide their real IP addresses while downloading torrents (You can read the complete iPreadtor article here) . However new reports have indicated that due to a serious flaw in Bittorrent technology, the users who might be using the VPN services, might not be able to stay "hidden" and anonymous anymore. At a Telecomix Cipher conference, it was revealed how it was possible for third parties to find the "Real" IP addresses of connected users, even if they were behind a secure encrypted VPN connection. You can read the full report at the TorrentFreak website at

Do share your opinions and thoughts about this, would you ever be willing to try a VPN service that hides your real IP address, for the purpose of downloading torrents ?