Self destructing USB drive

USB drives have become second nature to computer users these days. They bring convenience and portability to the computer world and the end users. The smaller size and design and their being able to work without any additional accessories makes them even more attractive. However, with all the ease comes the danger of them being lost or stolen. Sensitive financial, personal or corporate data can be at serious risk if the USB drive is lost or stolen. There are alternatives to securing your data such as using a third party encryption program to encrypt data, but for a Joe user, they are hard and cumbersome to install and learn.

Fujitsu has just come up with a solution, it has launched a prototype "self destructing USB drive". Unlike other USB drives, this drive has some unique features. It is equpped with its own battey and processor. The device can be set to automatically wipe itself completely ater a predefined period (such as 2 days). It can also be set such that it will automatically wipe itself if plugged into an "unregistered" computer.

If you did not want to completely wipe your drive, it does come with "File redirection" technology which prevents anyone who finds your drive from looking into your data. If all that was not enough, Fujitsu has also added a GPS device to the USB drive so that you are able to track the location of your USB drive! It is pretty impressive, and the features and technology will definitely find wide acceptance among the users.