Space age inflatable car that can do 300 miles per charge

You think its too good to be true ? It is true, XP motors is launching a car in two years time which is made from space age materials (like the inflatable bags used on Mars Rover), a car that has a mileage range of 2500 miles and can perform up to 300 mpg with a combination of electric, hybrid and gas technology.

Whats even cooler that the vehicle is "shipped" to the consumer where they can assemble it in about two hours time, no this is not a hoax and its not a toy. It is real! with multitude of features such as "No steering column" for no impact in an accident, automatic audible pedestrian warning system, it could float in water in case of an emergency, very customizable starting from a basic trip to accomodating accessories like your iPod, customizable video displays, voice commands etc. You can get he vehicle in two or four seater configurations.

It is neighbour's envy safe as they cant "deflate" it with a sharp object with its space age polymer construction! The car itself has 60% less parts than a normal car would which makes it light weight and fuel efficient. You can simply "hot-swap" battery packs while the engine is running, you can detach the modules to charge them at home instead of plugging your car in.

The car is coming to production on 3 continents in about three years time. You can read more at the company website at: