Step by Step - Installing Mollom Module on a Drupal Site

This is a step by step article that explains how to install and configure the Mollom Module on your Drupal web site.

- Go to Drupal's Mollom Project page to download the Mollom Module at

- Extract the Module on your local drive first (for example to C:\Temp\mollom-5.x-1.6\mollom)

- Go to Mollom's website , if you do not have an account, create one (its free). If you already have an account, log on to it.

- When logged on to Mollom's website, click on the Manage Sites button and choose "Add Subscription". Here fill in the relevant details about your website, choose if you want to have the free or paid version of Mollom.

- The next step is to obtain the public and private keys by clicking on the "view keys" on your "Site Manager" area on the Mollom's website

- Now upload the Module you extracted to your hard drive (for example to C:\Temp\mollom-5.x-1.6\mollom) and upload this "mollom" directory to your webserver in the /sites/all/modules area

- Log on to your Drupal site as administrator

- Go under /admin/build/modules and enable the Mollom module

- As a final step go to /admin/settings/mollom and enter the public and private keys for your website you obtained in the previous step and then make sure you turn the Mollom protection on by scrolling down to the "Spam Protection Settings" area and enabling the protection for each of the forms (such as Comment, story etc)

Mollom is the best out there to protect you against any sort of SPAM on your Drupal website, its certainly the most effective in my opinion