The reason behind the BlackBerry outage

The reason behind the large scale outage suffered by BlackBerry usage is being blamed on two new versions of BlackBerry Messengers. According to Bloomberg anyone who had downloaded the upgraded BlackBerry Messenger since Dec 14th would have suffered the outage yesterday. The outage was large scale effecting customers all over North and South America. Blackberry is the largest selling Smart Phone and is manufactured by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). Any such service disruption comes as a major setback in a tightly competed smart phone market with big players such as Apple's iPhone and Google's Android

RIM shares being traded on NasDaq (Stock Symbol RIMM), took a slight tumble yesterday after the news of the outage. Unhappy customers are demanding compensation for the long outage. RIM however has clarified that the outage as restricted to email service only, phone and SMS services remained uneffected. However, it still looks bad on its part to have a second outage within a week. With users so attached and dependent on their smart phones for carrying out their daily tasks, BlackBerry's fiscal report might not looking too good for a long time if the outages keep coming