Top hackers gather to compete in a hacking competition called NetWars

Top computer hackers from around the world, gathered in a competition called NetWars to show their skills in penetrating computer systems and defending them. The competition is hosted by the SANS institute. SANS is one of the largest institutes for information security training in the World and is also famous for maintaining the Internets "early warning system" called the "Internet Storm Center". NetWars is a key competition in the United States Cyber Challenge. It is based on the principle of Cyber Security Talent search, the equivalent of American Idol, just in the computer security field. Hosted in a form of a game, hackers can legally compete online from anywhere on the internet, they can be penetrating computer system security or defending them or a combination of the two.

 The Game is provided in a secure environment by means of virtualization using VMWare technology or Microsoft's Virtual PC.  Once signed up and logged in, anything including remote exploits, reverse code engineering, denial of service attacks, etc is a fair game. SANS even provides a lot of help in this field, like from their known Proof of Concept website, where you can find zero day exploits with a proof of concept posted.

The perks of being a player in the NetWars Cyber Security challenge is that the Government can look for serious talent, which can be trained and employed to protect the US against a strategic cyber attack in real life. Also, you can hack without the fear of being thrown in jail ! Other countries such as Iran, Israel and India hold similar competitions, however they are not made so public and participation is from already existing Government employed security personals.

If you would like to sign up, please make sure to visit the SANS institute website. You might also be interested in an earlier article we did, where we reported about Anti-US hackers infiltrating the US Army servers