Ubuntu launches the new version of its Linux distro 10.04 LTS

The new version of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS is launchedGood news for all you Ubuntu Linux fans out there. Just yesterday (April 29th), Cannonical, the company that makes Ubuntu Linux, launched a new version of of Ubuntu, version 10.04 LTS. The LTS version means Long Term Support and will stay in production with active support available to end users and enterprises for at least three years. Cannonical will also make sure it maintains security and maintainence updates for this version for at-least three years. The latest version was released by Cannonical in London on April 27th and worldwide on April 29th.

The new version boasts faster boot speeds, built in integration of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter as well as instant messaging clients such as Empathy, which integrates all your Messaging clients such as MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, Jabber, AOL into one application. 

Another highlight is Ubuntu's integrated music player which provides online access to Ubuntu's online music store, just like itunes.

A lot of other improvements and additions are available in the new version by means of free games, latest version of the Open Office suite, a brilliant photo editor and last but not least, a fabulous movie player and video editor.

You have got to give the latest version of Ubuntu desktop a try! You can download it free at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download . If you do not want to mess with partitioning your hard drive or dual booting your system, you can always read our article on how to run Ubuntu on your Windows machine as a Virtual Machine