Use Google to find showtimes for movies, your local weather and much more

You can use Google to find out the theatre show times for movies released recently in your area, there are other cool Google tricks mentioned in this article as well, try them out and have fun!

Use Google to find out show times on theatres for movies released recently in your area by putting in NameOfTheMovie YourPostalCode
Slumdog Millionaire V9B6C1
Slumdog Millionaire V8N3P3
Slumdog Millionaire 90210

Use Google as free proxy if you can’t browse to a real website due to your network blocking the site with

Get local time anywhere by putting in a phrase like, what time is it in NameofTheCity
what time is it in New Delhi
what time is it in Narita

Find detailed flight information by searching: AirlineName Flight FlightNumber
Air Canada flight 8061

Do currency conversions
convert 10 US dollars to Canadian Dollars
convert 10 US dollars to Indian Rupees

Use Google as a dictionary and get to know a meaning of a word by doing define:WordYouWanttoKnow

Find weather conditions at a city by doing weather:NameOfTheCityHere
You can also use the name of state to be more specific weather:NameOfTheCityHere, NameOfStatehere
weather:Victoria, BC
weather:New Delhi, Delhi
weather:Victoria, Texas

Use Google as a calculator, put any valid formula in and get a result
((5*6) / 30 ) ^ 2

Perform conversions to different scales using Google
convert 1 KG to pounds
convert 1 week to seconds
convert 420 days to years