Use LogMeIn Express to remote control your computers or provide remote Help to users

Users often have the need to log on to their machines remotely when they are not physically present in front of their computers, with machines being online all the time with high speed internet, the lure to connect home from a remote location is even better. In this step by step tutorial we will demonstrate a free remote control utility called LogMeIn Express, using which you can log on to any remote machine by just using a web browser. There are a lot of PC remote control software such as VNC, Symantec PC Anywhere etc but most are either commercial and not free, or they need to install a client on users machine and need tweaking around with firewalls and routers. LogMeIn Express uses LogMeIN's web servers for all of its connection traffic, so there is no firewall or router configuration needed at the users end. Its a great product to provide remote help or technical support to anyone, very easily and without any technical know how

Here are step by step instructions on how to set yourself up with LogMeIn Express free:

Go to LogMeIn Express'w website at and click on the Share Button from the machine you will be asking for help on or the computer you want to remotely view

Click on the share button

Click run on the security warning that you get

Click run on the security warning

You will get a small box popup on the top of your browser with a session code which other users can use to view your screen, make a note of this code. This machine is now ready to be viewed remotely from another computer

Note the Code that pops up for sharing your computer

Now go to the Viewer's machine (this is the machine from where you want to view the remote machine where you just initiated a LogMeIn session) and enter your 12 digit code you obtained in previous step and click on View

From the viewer machine punch in your 12 digit code