Use LogMeIn Express to remote control your computers or provide remote Help to users

You will now be able to see the remote machine in your web browser, you will not have any control over mouse and keyboard on the remote machine yet.

You ca now view the host machine in your browser

You can initiate more than one session to the remote machine from more than one machine, such that more than one person can be looking at the remote screen at the same time. The Host on the remote computer can see from the LogMeIn panel as how many people are connected to the machine

Log Me In Host Panel

The Host can give control for its mouse and keyboard to the remote viewer by clicking on the Mouse pointer button in the LogMeIn Express Panel

From the host share the mouse and keyboard with remote

Remote viewer can now use the mouse and keyboard on the host from within the web browser

Remote viewer can now control the mouse and keyboard on host computer

The Host can share a file by clicking on the Share File button on its LogMeIn Express panel and browsing to the file. Here the host is trying to send the file WaterLillies.gif to the remote, the remote viewer in next step will accept the transfer

Host can share and transfer a file to remote using the share button