Use LogMeIn Express to remote control your computers or provide remote Help to users

The viewer is notified of a incoming file transfer by a flashing file icon on his own LogMeIn control panel

The remote viewer accepts the file transfer

When the Viewer clicks on the flashing file link, he is presented with a dialogue to confirm an incoming file transfer from the Host, click yes to accept and save the file

Click yes and accept and save the file from the host

The Host is notified that File transfer is complete. Transfers from Remote machine to the Host machine can be accomplished in the same way

Host is notified that the file transfer completed successfully

To end the LogMeIn session, the Host must click on the X on its LogMeIn control Panel

Host must click on the X to end the session with remote

This is easy, free and affordable way of providing remote support to any user, be it an expert on a work machine or your Grand Mother at a home machine. We hope you found this article helpful, please do share your comments and feedback with us.