Watch movies on your computer stealthily without your boss ever knowing

Did you ever wish that you could be watching movies at work without anybody finding out, or having to watch them and be doing your normal work on the computer at the same time? Now that wish can come true, you can now be watching on your computer and working on that spreadsheet or word document etc. without the need of any additional hardware (such as a second monitor).

So how is this done? With the magic of free software called Double Vision. When you install the software it installs its own player which is embedded in a browser. You type in any URL like you would in your normal browser, go to YouTube or Hulu to watch videos etc and set it to work. When activated it makes the player's transparency such that it comes to the front with other applications you are working on in the background and you can type right through them. You can set the position, transparency and a full screen mode to better watch the video or browse the web.

 It has keyboard shortcuts (such as ctrl + esc) that would quick hide the player and mute it too. Double vision software is a win-win situation, as it lets you regain your screen real-estate, lets you multitask better and if needed use it attain stealth ;-)

Some folks might find that it needs Microsoft's .Net framework 2.0, if your computer does not already have it, it would automatically download and install it. You can have a look at the screenshots and download the software from