What happens to your online accounts after you pass away

Although not a very appealing thought, but have you ever given a thought as to what might happen to all your online accounts when you pass away? These days we do so much online that it’s hard to not think about it; we all make our Wills, take out life insurance policies, and nominate beneficiaries for our property but what about your Digital property? What if you maintain a family website or an online picture album, a small business account on Google Docs etc?

Now there is a company that would take care of your wishes about your online property if you pass away. With an online website, The Legacy Locker manages all that and passes your online accounts to your friends and loved ones. "Legacy Locker is a safe, secure repository for your digital property that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of death or disability"

How it works:

"Legacy Locker is the safe and secure way to pass your online accounts to your friends and loved ones. It's like a digital safety deposit box - you can put all your online accounts (emails, photos, social networks, everything online that requires a login) in it. For every account you store, you can assign a beneficiary, someone to whom you want to entrust your digital assets for the future."
In the unfortunate event of your death or should you become incapacitated, Legacy Locker securely passes your account information on to your named beneficiaries. No need to wonder or worry about what happens to all your digital assets, they're now being protected for you.

In addition, The Legacy Locker can send "legacy letters" as part of your wish to your loved ones in case of your sudden demise. The Legacy Locker is completely safe and secure and has built in mechanisms that would verify your "condition" before handing over your assets and this verification procedure involves several steps, including human intervention.

The Legacy Locker offers free, no charge accounts for 3 assets, 1 beneficiary and 1 legacy letter. There are also a "one time fee" and "monthly fee" plans available for unlimited assets, beneficiaries and letters. Do give it a try, always plan ahead for your loved ones and your wishes to be carried through. Visit The Legacy Locker website at https://www.legacylocker.com/

comforting to know

That is comforting to know