What is Windows Ready Boost or Speed Boost

Windows Vista has introduced a new feature where you can use your USB Flash Drive to speed up the performance of your Windows Vista operating system.

How does this work ? Well, basically Windows uses this drive as a scratch disk, and instead of paging data from the hard drive it writes and reads it from the faster thumb drive. This is particularly useful if you have an older computer system which does not have any more RAM expansion slots and are maxed out on the system RAM.

With Windows Vista Speed Boosst or Ready Boost, technology, as soon as you insert your Flash drive, an auto play screen pops up and gives you an option of "Speed Up My System" , if you click on this, a new screen with the Ready Boost tab would show up, allowing you to select the USB flash drive for a faster system speed. It would also ask you how much space on this Flash Drive do you want to use.
Now just make sure that your Flash Drive is plugged in and restart your system. Note that while using the Flash Drive as Ready Boost feature you would notice a cache file along with your other documents. You can only use one USB Flash Drive per machine for the ReadyBoost feature.