When to go pee during a movie

Sorry if the title got you offended, but that's exactly what it intended to say, no offense to anyone. Has it never happened to you that you are amidst watching a movie in the theater, drinking away that big large soft drink you ordered with popcorn, and suddenly you feel an urge to pee. You don't want to miss out on the movie, but how long do you think you can hold ? Now there is a solution, and no lets not think dirty or indecent..

Now there is a website, which will tell you exactly when the right moment is to go and pee. Its called runpee.com . The way the website works is that it lists all the popular movies currently playing in the theater, and tells you on the story board marker as to what times can you take that much needed break. It takes care of the fact that you don't miss out on anything by telling you via text as to what happened in those 3-5 minutes, while you were away. To keep things interested, the site has the text scrambled and it will not disclose to you as to what happened, unless until you click on the unscramble button. This way you can safely go take your break, without hurting yourself and not miss a thing. If you want to go prepared, it can also print out the "run pee" times and sequences for you.

To make things even more useful, there is now an iPhone App that you can download and you don't even have to take that printed sheet of paper with you. The iPhone App will tell you when to go ! This is completely a free service. Make sure you give the site a try, its located at http://runpee.com. This article may seem a bit of a crude humor, but if you think about it, it does have its uses and brings a lot of relief to a suffering individual 


very nice

I should get an iPhone just so i can try it out, lol


LOL Yeah! Thats quite a compelling reason to buy an iPhone haha, I was thinking the same