Will it become harder to pirate Windows Seven

Will it be harder to Pirate Windows Seven ?Windows Seven is really become much more popular than its predecessor Windows Vista. Its the one operating system from Microsoft that has kept the same "minimum system requirements" from going to one OS to next (Vista to Windows Seven). The one thing that has not gone down, for the new operating system is the price. The charm and temptation of Windows Seven had kept up the piracy levels despite the normal anti-piracy and counter fitting measures in place from Microsoft. Pirates and hackers were simply able to defeat or trick the "Windows Activation" requirement and bypassed the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) check . This all just changed and the anti-piracy bar has just been raised with Microsoft's new patch release

Click on the thumbnail to show Microsoft's patch 971033 being forced down as an important update on Windows 7 machines. The patch is an update to the activation and validation components in Windows. It is an anti-piracy technology that determines if you are running a genuine copy of Windows by verifying your 25 character product key. Without your copy of Windows activated, you can not take advantage of features like Windows update or any other significant downloads from Microsoft.

This is a special patch from Microsoft, which will kill all the "cracks" found on the internet which lets you run Windows Seven without activation. Some hackers say its already been cracked, and also that its an "important update" but you can opt not to install it, of course you won't be able to use most of Microsoft's features such as Windows update etc. However, it will most likely be a part of service pack 1 for Windows Seven when it comes out.

You can still obtain a legitimate free copy of Windows Seven by following our previous article done on, How to download a free trial version of Windows Seven. More information about KB971033 is available from Microsoft at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971033