Windows Seven Downgrade Rights

Downgrade Rights for Windows SevenA question often asked but not clearly answered by many tech support individuals is the Windows Seven Downgrade Rights. Downgrade rights means you are allowed to downgrade the operating system you bought with your computer to a lower version, for example you are allowed to go from Windows Vista to Windows XP. There are however caveats and gotchas in this process, through this article we will try and shed some light on the downgrade options you might coming down from a Windows Seven operating system. Microsoft of course remains the ultimate authority on any such process and if in doubt always consult your software licensing terms.

If you purchased a PC with Windows Professional preinstalled but for some reason, needed another older Operating System (Windows Vista or Windows XP), then you can downgrade to Windows Vista or XP at no additional cost. These downgrade rights are available til the end of sales life-cycle of Windows Seven.

In order to downgrade you must first accept and agree to licensing terms of Windows Seven installation that came with your PC and then obtain genuine Windows media and a product key for the downgrade version. You are only eligible to downgrade to certain version of Windows.

Additionally Microsoft Volume Licensing Customers can also use their volume licensing key to use in their downgrade.

The following graphic (courtesy Microsoft) shows clearly the downgrade paths available to an end user:

Downgrade Paths

More information including Downgrade Paths available for Windows Vista as well as Downgrade rights for Windows Desktop and Server Software are mentioned in the following Microsoft article: