You are unable to search Outlook in Windows Seven when configured as RPC over Http

How to search Outlook from Windows Seven when Outlook is configured as RPC over Http If you have been using RPC over Http method for connecting to your Outlook Mailbox, you will notice that starting in Windows 7 you will not be able to do the "Find" or "Advanced Find" on your mailbox or its folders from within Outlook. This happens because Mailbox Search is integrated with Windows Search in Windows Seven and Windows Search can only search or index items which are cached. By default, Outlook is not configured for "offline" or "cached" mode. You need to enable the "Offline" or "Cached" mode in order for Windows Search to Index and Search your mailbox

To enable offline or cached mode in Outlook 2010, you can do the following:

1. Click on File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account Settings Again

2. Highlight your account and double click on it

3. Under the server name of your Exchange server , check the box saying "Use Cached Exchange Mode"

Once you have done this, close Outlook and go back in again, Windows 7 will now index all the mailbox items for searching. To make sure that Windows Seven has indexed your Outlook items, go to control panel and click on Indexing Options. You should notice "Microsoft Office Outlook" as one of the items listed there.

To test searching your mailbox, simply click on Start button and in the Search box type in a keyword or text phrase that appeared in one of your email messages, it should bring the appropriate email message in the search results.

We have just used Outlook 2010 as an example to show how to enable the "Cached Exchange Mode", the procedure is somewhat similar for other Outlook clients as well. If you need help or step by step instructions for other Outlook clients, please leave us a comment and we will get back to you.