You might have paid double if you had a coffee at StarBucks

If you have been to Starbucks in past days and have bought a beverage, in particular a Coffee, you might want to check your records and online bank statement. Starbucks might have charged you double for your drink !

Starbucks says it was an accident,  some customers who used their debit cards to purchase a beverage at Starbucks were accidentally charged double. The glitch has effected both its Canadian and US customers.  What are the chances that you were one of those customers ? could be pretty high has nearly one million such transactions were processed. 

The coffee giant and top beverage retailer has since corrected this computer glitch and is working on refunding the extra charge to the customers. You should check your "bank account statement" NOT just the receipt you were provided from Starbucks, as the amount printed on the receipt is correct, but amount billed is double. Some customers have already been calling Starbucks saying they have not been credited yet. It makes you think how vulnerable your bank accounts can be, if you are not diligent enough, this could have easily been another retailer that could have double swiped you for much more money.

Starbucks contact information can be located on their website at