LDAP properties for the user field when exporting Active Directory Data using CSVDE

A lot of you folks might have some point or other tried to export data from your Active Directory or its sub OUs. I usually use the CSVDE utility to export normal not so heavy duty data. The following is an exmple of exporting the lastname (sirname) and firstname data from an Active Directory OU called Standard which is located in a domain called Royal.CorpDom to a .csv file called exportedusers.csv. For information on how to export other fields other than first and last name, you can look at this article mentioned here which mentions about LDAP properties of a user field.


CSVDE -d "OU=Standard,OU=Users,OU=Royal Corporation,OU=CorpDom,DC=Royal,DC=BCGOV" -m -n -f exportedusers.csv -L "sn, givenname"