How to install VLC Media Player in Linux SUSE 11

VLC is a great multimedia player for Linux and Windows. You can read more about it and its features at the VideoLan's web site

Out of the box the Linux SUSE 11 distro would not provide you with the VLC Media Player especially if you did a default or automatic install from its DVD.

To install VLC on SUSE 11 do the following:

1. Add the VLC repositrory to your Yast repositories. To do this, click on Computer -> Yast (provide root password if propmpted) -> Click on Software -> Software Repositories. Click Add, and make sure "Specify URL" is selected under Media Type and "download repository description files" is chcked. Click Next, In Repository Name field type VLC Repositoryand in URL type  then Click Next and then click Finish on the next screen. If you are prompted to Import a GPG key, click on import . CLose Control Centre

2. Install VLC, Click on Computer -> Install Software -> (provide root password if prompted). In the Filters box, type in VLC. Choose VLC from result and click install and then apply.

3. Launch VLC from Computer -> More Applications -> Multimedia -> VLC Media Player

Also on a side note, the best way to test if sound is working or not on your new SUSE install is to play a plain .wav file. A lot of proprietry formats such as .mp3 and DivX are not enabled by default by SUSE as they are not open source (although free ?). Some test wav files can be found on this web site:

If sound still does not work, double click the sound icon, it would bring up the "Pulse Audio Volume Control" and make sure output devices and input devices are not muted. Simply reboot after playing with these tabs and you should have sound


try it...

this does not work, dependant issues

it does

Yast should be able to take care of dependencies that are required, have you got your Yast configured with right repositories ?