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uses of domperidone syrup

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Guys, give advice , smashed cars

Recently went to the office on the road at dusk and did not notice the open hatch. Smashed the car and now have to do the repair . Tell me where to go , because I'm not going to carry out repair work for private funds . Need to find out the culprit for the poor condition of roads.

I do not know what to buy tv box ?

You must select the TV , just not in a position to determine the model. And yet, plasma? Which is preferable ? The budget of no more than 700 S. The lighter side , the room is small . The distance to the monitor ~ 2.5 m established cable TV. Internet functions is necessary. And the excellent picture quality and audio.

Laptop mounted on the wall

One head - excellent and a half - is better. Share your thoughts, as you can lock the laptop in a vertical plane ? Task: There wc, ​​there is a wall, it is necessary to fix a laptop on the wall. I still could not think of anything besides being put on the cover of the adhesive laptop . But it's barbaric. Prisobachit laptop with nails will not work.

Incredibly strong buggy MacBook

Hello , I put in my MacBook 13 "al in 2010 . Very slow system . They say if you install the SSD - the rate of increase. I can not understand what is need an adapter to put your hard drive in it, and instead of the SSD drive. Will responsive OS or my old man has nothing to help ?