How to burn a CD from within Windows XP

Windows XP supports burning data to a CD-R from within windows explorer without using any third party utilities. To do this, follow these steps: - Place a blank CD-R in the CD Burner - Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the files/folders that you need to burn to the CD and highlight them. To select more than one file or folder, hold down the ctrl key and select the folders/files you want. - From the Edit menu on the Explorer window, choose "copy to folder" , then on the "copy items" window that just pops up, select your CD burning drive. Upon doing this, Windows would start the copy process to a temporary location on the hard drive. -A "balloon notification" would appear on your taskbar saying "You have files waiting to be written to the CD, to see files now, click this notification and you would see your files in a window - In this window, choose "Write my files to CD" , this will bring up the CD burning wizard - Provide a name for the CD you are burning and click next and it would start writing these files to the CD - Upon completion the wizard would prompt you if you want to burn these files to another CD, choose yes or no as per your preference Another way to burn a CD-R is to use a third party software that might have come with your CD burner or that you can purchase or download. If you would like to know specific instructions on how to burn CD-Rs using this method please let me know the software and its version you wish to use. Another helpful article for you is listed below How to copy information to a CD in Windows XP: