This section is a individual as well as grouped section of excellent tools that makes life much easier for a system administrators. If there is a particular task you are trying to accomplish and would like to have a tool automate it, please do ask in our forum.

Universal TCP-IP Boot Disk: Universal TCP-IP boot disk is a network boot disk on steroids, there is no configuration needed and it detects a majority of network cards by itself. There are options for connecting to a Domain with a domain user account or to a workgroup, mapping network drives and lmhosts support as well. Do give it a try! IT administrators find it specially usefull when Ghosting machines or cloning / imaging hard drives.

Magical Jelly Bean Software: If you ever lost your Windows or Office installation keys, or got a used machine with a copy of OEM CD without the keys, you can use Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder to the rescue! Its a freeware Open Source program to find your Office and Windows installation keys, so that you can keep out of the hastle of messing with the Registry etc.

Notepad Plus Plus: Notepad ++ is a great editor, it is a source code editor and provides many useful functions such as Syntax highlighting & folding, wysiwyg, auto completion, etc etc. It is a must for all IT admins, especially if they deal with any of the *NIX side of things!

OBK::SID: This freeware utility would let you convert long SID names such as S-1-5-21-2002034099-1741304011-708699545-486584 to meaningful account, group or machine names. This is a handy Windows utility. Click here to download it.